Monday, April 1, 2013

My road to Hyper-V

Here I wanted to track my road to learning Microsoft Hyper-V.

I have worked with HyperVisors a lot in the past.

- Big fan of VMware ESX
- XenServer is ok (but only have ran Windows on it)
- Hyper-V is a new player to the market.

Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 was.... horrible. Just horrible. I really gave it it's fair shake but... no. Hyper-V 1 was, eh, ok. Worlds better than before but "Quick Migration" was the killer that kept it out of the enterprise. Hyper-V 2 was much better than 1. "Live Migration" means that it is now a contender for the enterprise market, however it still wasn't 100% there for management.

That brings us to Hyper-V 3. From what  have read and seen.... this version hit it out of the park. I love the management aspect of it now that it is MUCH cheaper (and from what I hear will manage vCenter as well).

I am going to concentrate a series of blog post related to what I learn in relation to Hyper-V 3. If you have any suggestions of where to look, gotcha's, examples, etc... please let me know.

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