Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conference Bridge in Lync Server 2010

How to create a conference bridge in Lync server 2010.

<Sorry for the quick and dirty version. I just wanted to get this out there. Will clean later>

My company wanted to go out and buy several different conference bridges this week. I decided to make a couple on our Lync server.

- Create separate conference bridge ID's per department
- Make them available for the whole department
- Have to be accessible from the outside

We have DID's (direct inward dial) phone numbers for each of our users. I know that I can create a new user for each of these departments, but I want them to share the same DID. So in Lync server I was able to assign the same DID to each user and give them an extension. This made them unique in Lync based off their extension number. Here is how I did it:

Step 1. Choose a DID to use
Step 2. Create your users in Active Directory
Step 3. Enable the users in Lync Server
Step 4. Give the users the same phone number with unique extensions
   Example: tel:+18885551212;ext=100
Step 5. Login to your conferencing options webpage to set the PIN
Step 6. Copy the information in the conferencing options webpage for following:
   Conference URL
   Conference ID
Step 7. Give this information out the users/departments.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to send a new Welcome email for Exchange 2010 United Messaging users

I was faced with a challenge today where several users reported that they didn't get their "welcome" email from Exchange when I configured them for Unified Messaging. I looked everywhere in the console for how to resend the email. No Powershell help. Nothing in technet. What to do....

I didn't really want to disable and then enable them. That seems pointless. There has to be a way!!! So I decided to just resent their PIN. Boom...another email was sent out. That is crazy but it worked. They received the email and were able to configure their voicemail.

Here are the steps I took (pretty easy):

1. Open Exchange Management Console
2. Expand "Recipient Configuration"
3. Find the user account that you need to send the email to
4. Right click the user account and choose: "Reset Unified Messaging PIN..."
5. Accept the defaults and click OK on the next screen.
6. This will general a new PIN and send an email to the user.

Here is the PowerShell command:

Set-UMMailboxPIN -Identity "bob ausmus"